When I go to take photos my thoughts become lost in what is before me and I lose myself in play as I did as a child. A sunset or a sunrise is like a wonderful show, of light, detail, colour and sound, and when it ends it is as if the curtain has gone down of the most amazing performance, and I must leave and re-enter a world more ordinary.


My name is Paul Sheringham and this website is a collection of my photography. Rainbirds are also known as Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, my favourite bird.

I live on the mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia, and have a deep love and extensive knowledge of the coast and bushland of this beautiful part of Australia. I have been taking photos for over thirty years, first with film cameras, and then finally making the switch to digital in 2011. Digital has been a great way to improve my photography and develop techniques in both landscape and macro.

Photography is a way I can communicate with the world something that comes from a creative place. Quite simply, photography of the natural world is a joy to me. And if someone else enjoys my photos, it feels wonderful that I have been able to communicate the joy and peace I feel when I take photos.

I am inspired by the natural world, the beaches and headlands, the clouds, the tides, the infinite detail of wildflowers revealed through the macro lens, the ever-changing signatures and patterns of this earth that amaze me.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope that through my photos and blog I am able to share the peace and joy I feel when photographing these beautiful headlands and beaches that I am so lucky to live close to.